Gaming-Pros and pros

Many people I come across have a disreagrd for gaming. “Gaming….that stuff is for kids…” or “What significance does that hold for us?” are questions I have heard too often. People have blamed gaming for many violent events that happened in the past. However, it is made a scapegoat. “That guy was into gaming, so that must be it”. If Gaming weren’t there, the scapegoat would have been something else. Movies. TV. You name it, we blame it. Another thing that I have heard is that it is a refuge for the escapists. When you dont succeed in real life, you put your feet the shoes of some superhero and try to save the world. Agreed (even original Wolf 3D used to ask if we wanted to go back to our mundane lives), but escape is easy for those who want to. It is sad that many people have to take to such means, but i guess Gaming is a better option considering its alternatives. So here I’ll highlight the positive side of gaming, things many people ignore-

Gaming as a way of training

Almost all modern pilots have practised on a Flight Simulator some time or the other. Drivers too, can practise on such simulators. The Army has training equipment which simulate a battlefield. Billions of dollars are spent on developing such simulators, and they have established themselves as effective training equipment. Then there is the educational side of Gaming. Many subjects can be taught easily using games. Even I didn’t know much about William Wallace before the Learning Campaign in Age of Empires II. So games aren’t necessarily bad – it depends on the player and the choice of games, above everything else.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator-Has trained many pilots

Gaming to support a cause

The most Hi-tech Armed forces in the world, The US Army, uses a Game (America’s Army) to bolster Recruitment. The US Army is responsible for the Game, and it is distributed for free. The game has been very successful, and has since given rise to many sequels. Further information about the game, and download links can be obtained at the Game’s official site –

The 'America's Army' Logo

America's Army

Gaming as a way of socializing
Contrary to popular perception, Gamers aren’t social outcasts. A study by an Australian University finds evidence to the contrary ( MMORPGs(thats Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games for the uninformed), such as World of Warcraft,Everquest etc, offer a great way to socialize, make new friends and have a great time,as long as they are used in moderation.

World Of Warcraft

World Of Warcraft, a very popular MMORPG

So, my question is-when are you taking up gaming, if you already haven’t?


3 Responses to “Gaming-Pros and pros”

  1. Siddude Says:

    Nice article buddy.I am a gamer and i love to play games. It doesn’t matter at what age you are playing. BUT you should avoid the addiction of games,coz it is very addictive!! American army game was officially developed for American soldiers for giving them Level 1 training in war like situation and it was used extensively for several years.Now it’s available for everyone free of cost. My point is Gaming does help in learning new things and makes your senses and reaction sharp. So if you are not a gamer,take up gaming and ENJOY!

  2. Kallol Says:

    AOE ha…….got plenty of memories……………………………

  3. KaMaL Says:

    really a good one. keep up the good work.

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