Cinematic Realism – Obsession with Perfection?

It is a term all familiar with Gaming have heard. Sure, we have come a long way from the days of Doom “3D”. It was the peak of Graphic realism at that time, and set the bar for all other games. However, much was to be desired. Hence followed the onlsaught of Quake, Unreal Tournament, Halo, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Crysis and the others. The bar kept rising higher and higher….The Developers had announced their goal-cinematic realism. To make games as real as the movies. Sure, by then the movies had already become a collection of live-action and computer generated scenes. If computers could pull off something that real, surely they could make better graphics for games too.
Screenshot from Jonathan Blow's "Braid"
The graphics started demanding better hardware, and gamers had to upgrade their hardware regularly if they wanted to be able to play the latest goodies. This scenario continues, and has spilled over to the Consoles as well….

Truly speaking, graphics dont deserve as much attention as they are getting. Dont get me wrong, I never said Graphics aren’t important. Doom 3 or Crysis wouldn’t have been the same without their graphics. But what I am asking is – isn’t it being made paramount? Think about it, high quality graphics require more expensive hardware, more design time, quickly obsolating hardware among other things.

Most importantly, it depreives many people of the joy of playing the latest and best. It also hinders people who want to try gaming for a while. None of us started with “I HAVE TO BECOME A GAMER” in mind. We picked up a game, liked it, tried another and got hooked eventually. If the first game you bought with your hard-earned money throws up a message like “Yor system does not meet the minimum requirements…..” then would you prefer to pick up another game ever?Thats the point!


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